GeoProbe 7822DT Tracked


The Geoprobe® Model 7822DT is a high-capacity direct push machine with a narrow platform for limited access areas and a sufficient stroke for added work space under the hammer.

This machine is equipped with many of the features Geoprobe® customers are accustomed to, and with many new advantages to offer customers flexibility in all types of field conditions.

7822DT Unit Platform
Stroke78 in.1,982 mm
Weight (approximate)8,000 lb3,632 kg
Width64 in.1,626 mm
Length (folded)133 in.3,378 mm
Height, w/standard mast (folded)100 in.2,540 mm
Height, w/rotating mast (folded)86 in.2,184 mm
Height, w/dual mast (folded)100 in.2,540 mm
Height, no mast (folded)79 in.2,007 mm
Height, w/mast (unfolded)187 in.4,750 mm
Height, no mast (unfolded)118.5 in.3,010 mm
Foot Travel20.5 in.521 mm
Extension15.5 in.394 mm
Lateral Movement (side-to-side)± 7° from centerline
Oscillation± 13° from vertical
Rear Stabilizer Lift2,000 lb907kg
Rear Blade Width60 in.1,524 mm
Ground Speed0 – 5 mph0 – 8 kph
Surface Load4.6 lb/in.²0.32 kg/cm²
Track Width12 in.305 mm
Percussion Hammer
Hammer SystemGH63
Percussion Rate32 Hz
Forward Torque517 ft-lb701 N•M
Reverse Torque637 ft-lb864 N•M
Rotation Speed0 – 234 rpm
Power Cell Weight90 lb41 kg


Hydraulic Systems
Down Force36,000 lb150 kN
Retraction Force48,000 lb214 kN
Hydraulic Pressure (system)4,000 psi275 bar
Hydraulic Flow Rate (system)40 gpm151 Lpm


Engine (diesel)Kubota, 4-cylinder turbo, Tier 4i
Engine Power (rated)58 hp42 Kw
Fuel Capacity (diesel)17 gal64 L


GA4100 Augerhead, 4-Speed
High Torque4,000 ft-lb5,423 N•M
Low Torque400 ft-lb542 N•M
High Speed Rotation0 – 750 rpm
Low Speed Rotation0 – 75 rpm
Hex Adapter1 – 5/8 in.41 mm
GH4000 Augerhead, 2-Speed
High Torque4,000 ft-lb5,423 N•M
Low Torque2,000 ft-lb2,7111 N•M
High Speed Rotation0 -150 rpm
Low Speed Rotation0 -90 rpm
Hex Adapter1 – 5/8 in.41 mm


Hydraulic Winch
Primary Winch
Winch Rating2,350 lbf10.5 KN
Winch Speed0 – 125 fpm0 – 38 m/min
Cable Length75 ft23 m
Secondary Winch
Winch Rating1,000 lbf4.4 KN
Winch Speed0 – 180 fpm0 – 55 m/min
Cable Length150 ft46 m


7 in. Single Clamp Breakout
Clamp Opening7 in.178 mm
Clamp Range1.25 – 6 in.31.75 – 152 mm
Clamp Force0 – 17,500 lbf0 – 78 kN
Breakout Torque6,000 ft-lbf8,135 N•M
Weight350 lb159 kg